William Nylander – Meet the Team



Word count: 1,651

Requested: Could you do one where William Nylander is introducing his girlfriend to the team and turns out it’s is Patrick Marleau’s daughter

“Before I meet your team I need to tell you something Will.” I looked over at my boyfriend who was doing something on his phone.

“And what is that?” He looked up at me for a moment and went back looking at his phone. “Wait, I hope you aren’t going to say that you don’t want to meet them because I already told the guys you were coming. A lot of them think I’m just making you up.”

“No that’s not what I was going to say I just-“ Before I was able to continue my phone starts to ring, it’s my dad calling I sighed heavily. “It’s my dad I need to take this,” I see that he nods his head while I walk out of the room.


“Sweetheart I thought you were going to come to Brody’s hockey game.” I look at the time and see that I was late for the game. I promised him I would be at this game.

“Dad I lost track of time I’m leaving now to go. I can’t miss this one.”

“I know he hasn’t stopped talking about you coming to this game. I will see you soon.”

My dad is Patrick Marleau center for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He and Christina adopted me in 2005 about a year after they got married. I was six when I first meet them and when I turned eight they told me they were going to adopt me. They loved me like one of their own and when Christina told me she was having a baby I thought they were going to forget about me but that was far from the truth. I am lucky to call them my parents. 

There is just one problem right now I’m dating William Nylander he doesn’t know I’m Patrick’s daughter and my dad doesn’t know I’m dating Will. I don’t know what I was thinking not telling neither one. This could end really bad. 

“Hey, babe I have to go. I promised my brother I would go to his game today and I lost track of time.” I went to go grab my bag and walk over to him.

“You should have told me I wouldn’t have made plans with Kappy.” I lead down to kiss him.

“Maybe next time. I don’t know if meeting my family at one of his game is such a great idea.”

“Y/N!” As soon as I opened the front door of the ice rink I heard my name being yelled my three boys, also known as my brothers, Landon Caleb, and Jagger. All three ran to me and hugged me. I look up and see our parents walking our way and they’re not alone.

“Mom dad” I walked over to them and hugged them both. “I’m sorry I’m late I lost track of time.”

“Brody will be happy to see that you came.” Mom said while smiling at me.

“She didn’t lose track of time she was with her boyfriend.” I looked at Landon and gave him the evil eye telling him to shut up.

“Boyfriend?” I also might not have told my parents I have been seeing someone.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” I look at the two guys standing behind my parents. I knew exactly who they were, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner.

“Well we should go in and find a sit but first I guess I should introduce you to these two,” Dad said moving out of the way for the two guys to walk up. “You probably already know who they are but this is Auston and Mitch. Guys this is my daughter Y/N.” They both said hello at the same time and I just nodded my head at them. If William knew I meet two of his teammates without him he wouldn’t be mad but maybe upset. 

I walked past all of them to go find a sit and to watch my brother play hockey.

“Willy and Kappy are right down the street shopping.” I overheard Mitch tell Auston and my dad. My knee started to bounce. 

“Tell them to come down here. We all can go get something to eat after.” I put my head down. I start repeating in my head please say no will please say no.

“Honey is everything okay?” I look away from the ice and look at my mom.

“Yeah just trying to watch Brody play that’s all.” I look back at the ice. 

“They’re on their way over,” Mitch spoke again. Crap.

This could go one of three ways. They both are okay with it and understand why I did it. Two dads would be mad that I didn’t tell him and not want Will and me to be together. Or three that Will is upset that I didn’t tell him who my dad was and want nothing to do with me.

Auston and Mitch said they were going to go meet William and Happy at the front. I looked over at my dad thinking about if I should tell him really quick or should just let this whole thing unfold itself. 

“Y/N I ask you something.” I look down at Landon, I nodded my head waiting to go on. “Why don’t you visit more offend? Did you find your parents and don’t want to see us anymore?” 

“No buddy that’s not it. I love you all so much. I know I haven’t been around and I’m sorry about that. I will come around more I promise.”I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him close. “And just so you know I don’t plan on finding the people that gave me life. Mom and dad are my parents just as much as all four of you boys.”

“Look who we found.” I looked up and see William walking up the stairs behind Auston and Mitch. 

“Y/N?” I closed my eyes and put my head down. “I thought you were going to your brother’s game?”

“I am at my brother’s game. These are my parents and three of my four brothers. I do believe you already know all of them.” I looked at Will

“Y/N what is going on?” I heard my dad’s voice but I didn’t take my eyes off, Will.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I didn’t know how to tell you ho my dad is,” I tell Will not worrying about what dad thinks right now. I will worry about him later. 

“So what was going to happen tomorrow when we had plans for you to meet the team? Were you going to tell me before the party or just let me find out at the party.” I could tell he was upset and I don’t blame him for that. 

“Wait Y/N is the girl that you have been talking about? The girl that you wanted us to meet tomorrow?” Auston said looking between Will and me.

“Your dating my daughter?” I heard my dad ask. I look back at him and see him standing up.

“I was telling you before I left but dad called and remember me about Brody’s game I couldn’t miss it.” William just shakes his head and walks back down the stairs and out the doors. 

“Y/N is there something you would like to tell me?” 

“What do you want to hear dad? I think you already know. I have been dating William for the past couple of months. I was nervous to tell you because I thought you would tell me not to date him. Dad, I really care about him and me-“

“Sweetheart I’m not mad. William is a great guy. Yes, I wish it wasn’t one of my teammates but if he treats you right and cares for you then you better go after him.” I looked at my dad a little surprised and walk over to him and hug him. “Go before you lose him.” He whispers in my ear.

I nodded and walked fasted out the doors I pull my phone out and ready to call him but I see him sitting on a bench outside the ice rink. I walk over there and sit next to him but leave plenty of space between us. 

“William I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you. I thought if you knew I was Patrick’s daughter I thought you wouldn’t want to see me anymore or that would be friend zoned right away and that you wouldn’t give me a chance. I love you, Will, I just didn’t want to lose you.” I haven’t told him I loved him yet but as soon as I said it Will looked up at me finally.

“I understand why you did it. I just wish you didn’t wait so long.” He put his hand out for me to take. “It kinda makes sense now why you haven’t been wanting to meet the team yet. Why I haven’t seen any pictures of your family.” He pulls me closer to him and wraps his arms around me “I love you too Y/N and you still have the rest of the team to meet.”  Laughed 

“Meeting the rest of the team will be no problem but you’re going to have to tell them who I’m”

“Patrick Marleau’s daughter I didn’t see that coming I knew he had a daughter that they adopted and I knew you were adopted and lived in San Jose I just never put two and two together.”

“You’re better at hockey than putting things together its alright.”

“At least I’m not going to have to have the awkward meet the parents. I have already know your parents.”

“Yeah but now I’m going to have to have a talk with you though if you’re going to be dating my daughter.” We look up and see my dad standing there looking at us.