5 Random Fic Recs From Different FandomsRebecc…

5 Random Fic Recs From Different Fandoms

Rebecca Barnes’ Brother (NC-17 ll 7,390 words)

(CAPTAIN AMERICA, Steve/Bucky) Professor!Steve and mechanic!Bucky meet-cute AU.

You Don’t Have to Call Me Yours, My Love (PG-13 ll 4,521 words)

(THE WITCHER, Geralt/Jaskier)

“Jaskier, you’ve been cursed to tell the truth until you fucking smooch your soulmate!” Geralt shouts. “And you don’t have a soulmate! So no, you can’t deal with this yourself.”

A Sunday Aboard HMS Terror (PG-13 ll 7,168 words) 

(THE TERROR, John/Thomas) John Irving is a man, conflicted; by his duty, his needs, his desires, and his place among the men. He finds some comfort on Sundays, when he hosts a small study for himself and the men. It may be a poor imitation of Sir John’s Divine Services, but there is a distinct shift when Seaman Hartnell joins him one Sunday in late November.

Cutback (PG-13 ll 19,323 words)

(TEEN WOLF, Derek/Stiles) Scott and Stiles are pro surfers in need of a place to stay for their upcoming competition. Out of all the things Derek expected this summer, being asked to house his brother and ex-boyfriend for one week wasn’t on the list.

Bending with the Road (NC-17 ll 11,746 words)

(HOCKEY, Paulie/Nealer) “Booked a hotel in Charlotte,” James says as they’re getting into the car. “Should take us about seven hours to get there if the traffic’s not too bad.” He glances up to meet Paul’s eyes and grins a little. “Unless we get distracted along the way.” Paul rolls his eyes. “Or you get us lost,” he says.