youcantdothatpod: @NBCSCapitals: @ovi8 was asked about the…


@NBCSCapitals: @ovi8 was asked about the smile he had when he talked about @tom_wilso’s return… he responded in pure Ovi fashion.

REPORTER: –smile on your face when she just said his name, like, how much he means to you –

ALEX OVECHKIN: Well, because she was smiling too. She was excited about it. I was excited as well. You probably like him, huh? Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh. Okay. Okay. You’re not the only – you’re not the first girl. 

REPORTER: I never said I did!!! 

OVECHKIN: It’s fine. It’s fine. 

bonus for context:

As someone who works closely with hockey players, lemme just add: Chirping is the truest form of respect from hockey players.