champagne and pools.


requested: yes | no.

smut: yes | no.

word count: 1.4k.

warnings: none. just fluff.

sliding the back door open, you hugged your cardigan around your body more as you slowly walked further into the backyard. it was late in the afternoon and you had decided to separate yourself from the team for a while as the hotel room was far too chaotic. the sky was turning a dark pink. light purple clouds hovered above you as you sat on the concrete by the pool. there was a warm breeze blowing past as you sipped your glass of golden bubbly champagne.

it was tranquil outside, the sound of the pool water rippling and the wind swaying through the trees was relaxing your mind and suddenly a want of refreshment flooded your thoughts, so you decided, whilst the boys were somewhere within the house most likely arguing over something hockey related, you would have the pool to yourself. 

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