Imagine #12 (Requested) – Graduation (Charlie …


“Hey baby,” Charlie whispered as he climbed into bed next to
me. “Hi, love.” I answered, half asleep. “Look, I know you won’t admit it, but
I know you’re upset I won’t be able to make your graduation tomorrow. You know
I want to be there more than anything but this endorsement deal could be huge.
Just please don’t be too mad.”

I was graduating college in the morning. I was a double
major and a minor, and I was graduating a year early with highest honors.
Charlie had been by my side through all the hard work, and I just wanted him to
be there for me tomorrow.

“Please, Y/N, just talked to me.” Charlie begged. He had
been rubbing my back for the last five minutes of silence. His touch drove me
wild, so it took everything in me not to turn around and kiss him. “I’m not
mad, Charlie. I’m not mad at all. I’m hurt.” I said as I turned toward him,
revealing the tears in my eyes. “I’m hurt. You know why? Because do you even
know how many nights I showed up to the arena with my laptop and notebooks to
study and watch your games? Or how many times I didn’t go out with my friends
so I could be there for you at your games? Or wait up for you, cook for you,
make sure you were okay so you could do well at your games?” His faced looked
sad. He knew where this was going. “When is it going to be my turn?” I continued.
“Everything is always about you and your career. I know, the NHL is a huge deal
and it is your life. But I’m part of your life too. So I was really just
expecting that for this once in a lifetime occasion you would move your
business meeting to another day. Charlie. I’ve gotta leave. I can’t live like
this anymore.” I said getting up from the bed. “What? Y/N, no. You can’t just
walk out on me like this. Babe, no. I won’t go. It’s fine I’ll move the
meeting. You can’t leave me,” He said softly. “I need you.” His eyes had
started to fill with tears. “I need you too, Charlie. But it’s clear that you
can’t make our relationship a priority. So I’m going to have to figure out my
life without you.” And with that, I walked out.

The next morning, I came back to the apartment after I knew
Charlie had left for his meeting. I grabbed my dress, my makeup, and my cap and
gown to go get ready with a few of my friends who were also graduating. When I
turned on my phone, I had about 30 missed calls and voicemails from him, all
begging me to come back. I was heartbroken. I knew he was the love of my life,
but maybe it just wasn’t the right time. Oh well, I couldn’t think about that
today. I worked so hard for this day and I deserved to be happy and celebrate
my graduation.

“Y/F/N , Y/L/N!” The dean called from the podium. I
carefully walked the stage, shook his hand, and accepted my hard earned diploma.
I was so excited.

“Y/N!” I heard a voice call from behind me as I was walking
back to my seat. I turned around to find Charlie, standing there with a dozen
red roses. “Babe, I canceled the meeting.
I don’t need an endorsement deal and money I just need you. And I’m
sorry that my priorities were fucked up. But I’ve never been more proud of
someone than I was of you just now walking across that stage.” I stepped closer
to him and gave him a hug. “I didn’t want to leave you, babe. That was the
worst night of my life.” I said, holding back tears. “I just wanted you to realize
that you have to take care of me too sometimes.” He nodded and kissed me gently.
“I know, I’m sorry that I haven’t been a good boyfriend. You’re my queen and
you deserve to be taken care of, and I’m going to start now, I promise.”

Stressed Devotion


Stressed Devotion

Charlie Coyle

Count: 2,303


Request:  Can you write an imagine where the reader is
an Olympic, or college level hockey player and she is like checked from behind
and seriously injured playing overseas or far away or something, and Charlie
Coyle is back in Minnesota and only hears about it after his game when he sees
the viral video of it happening?  Maybe
in the locker room with the team and someone shows it to him?

Notes: Happy 24th Birthday Charlie!! 
I hope you like how this turned out Anon!!

Your name: What is this?

on rookie, you’re holding us up.” Hearing Hilary’s voice pulled you out of your

You had been sidetracked from your warmups as you took the time to look around
the packed arena.  Playing in the gold
medal game of the Women’s World Championship while in your senior year at The
University of Minnesota still seemed unimaginable.  The two goals you had scored during the
tournament even more so.

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2019 NHL Entry Draft: Picks 21-31

2019 NHL Entry Draft: Picks 21-31

Samuel Poulin, Tobias Bjornfot, Simon Holmstrom, Philip Tomasino, Connor McMichael, Jakob Pelletier, Nolan Foote, Ryan Suzuki, Brayden Tracey, John Beecher, & Ryan Johnson

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Boston Bruins 2018-19 Team

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