Brock Boeser – We Made Such a Cute Couple



Word count: 2791

I could see his blonde hair, his blue eyes, his big smile every time I’d close my eyes for months after our break up. So when I saw him in a crowd I knew it was him I had no doubt about it. 

The only reason Brock and I broke up was because I was in my last year of school and I was putting my focus on school and Brock had his hockey that he was focusing on. At my graduation I kept looking for Brock thinking he would be there but why would he. I never told him when it was where it was. I advent spoke to him since I picked up my clothes from his place. That was almost two years ago. 

There have been many times after graduation I thought about calling him and just catching up but I always talked myself out of it. I have written out text messages and then deleted it. Maybe it was for the best that we broke up. Maybe he found someone new that had the time for him and could be there when he needs someone because I know I wasn’t that person at the time. 

“Y/N did you hear a word I just said?” My older brother Jason starts waving his hand in front of my face. 

“Ummm no sorry, I didn’t.” 

“I asked if you wanted to go to the game with me tonight.” Jason and I use to go to a lot of hockey games before I meet Brock. It was our thing that we did. Since the break, I really haven’t gone to a game with him. I was trying to avoid going so I wouldn’t see Brock. 

“I don’t know Jason,” he sighed loudly.

“I can’t even remember the last time we’ve been to a game.” I could hear how upset he was. “I know you haven’t gone since Brock but it been a while since you guys broke up. Its been a while since you have seen or talk to him.”

“Do you still talk to him?” Jason and Brock became really close friends ever since I introduced them. There was one night I went over to Brock’s apartment and I found them both in the living room playing a video game. It was like they have been friends since they were kids. It took Jason a little while to answer and he couldn’t look at me.

“You still hang out with him don’t you?” I got up from my seat and walked into the kitchen. I could hear Jason following me but I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t mad that he was talking to him or hanging out with him I just wish he would have told me. 

“Don’t be mad,” I heard him behind me but I don’t turn to look at him.

“I’m not mad just wish you would have told me that you were hanging out with my ex-boyfriend still.” I turn around to face Jason and lean my back against the counter and cross my arms across my chest. “How is he doing?”

“You should ask him.” I rolled my eyes. “I am being serious Y/N call him to text him do something. Come to the game with me. I go down to the tunnels after some of the games and we could go get some drinks.”

“I don’t think so.” 

“What else are you going to be doing? Just sit on the couch and watch some movie that you’ve seen already?” He isn’t wrong. I had already pulled out the Harry Potter movies. 

“Jason I just don’t-“

“I’m not taking no for an answer so go get changed and let’s go.” I thought about it for a minute it would be nice to go to a hockey game again. I’ve missed the fast pace of the game. I’ve missed seeing a player hit another player into the boards and then sometimes in go into a fight. I’ve missed seeing the goals and the cellies after that said goal. 

I miss seeing Brock out on the ice. There were so many times I would be in the stands and he would just look around till he found me the smile on his face made my stomach do flips. Seeing number six skating out there doing the thing he loves. 

“Fine, I just don’t have anything to wear.” Jason looked at me like I was crazy.

“What do you mean you don’t have anything to wear? You dated a hockey player. You use to wear a bunch of Canucks stuff and now you’re saying you have nothing to wear?”

“Yeah, I have the clothes with his last name on them. I have clothes with his number on them. I can’t wear them.” I go to walk to my room to see if I can find something to wear. 

“Why not?” I stop in my tracks and turn around and look at him. 

“Why not? Really Jason? I’m not dating Brock anymore. I can’t just show up with his name and number on my shirt.”

“You want to get back with him don’t you?” Where did he get that idea? I mean there would be nothing I would want more than to back with him. Just to see him came home from a road trip and to just stay in for a date night.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I started walking towards my room again. I went through my clothes to see what I could wear. 

“Y/N do you still have a feeling for Brock?” I didn’t answer him and he didn’t say anything. I finally found a cute white top that I could wear with my jean jacket. It doesn’t have Vancouver on it but it will work.

“You know t really doesn’t matter if I have a feeling for him anymore because he probably has found someone that could give him that time I couldn’t. That has time to go to all his home games. That has time to do the team outings with him. So it doesn’t matter if I d or not.” I started my rant while walking into the bathroom and closing the door after I was done.

I put my back to the door and just went down to the floor. It felt like I was going to cry. My feelings for Brock haven’t left and there were times I wish they were gone but they are just as strong as they ever were. It has taken everything in me not to look him up to see how his season his doing. I unfollowed in on everything. I wanted to see what he was doing where he was going on his offseason but I might see the girl he was seeing.

I finished getting ready and by the time I was done, it was time to go. Jason wasn’t in my room anymore and I didn’t expect him to be. I heard him talking to someone but I didn’t hear another voice which meant he was on the phone.

“Dude it’s a yes or no answer. Don’t play twenty questions with me right now.” There was a pause that I’m guessing the person on the other end was talking. 

“Well tell me this why did you break up with Britt?” I don’t know anyone named Britt so its no one I know. I walked out of the hallway so Jason could see I was ready. He looked up at me and he looked disappointed.

“Man there is your answer then. I have to go Ill talk to you later.” With that, he hung up the phone and got off the couch. “You couldn’t wear any of the clothes Brock got you?”

“No because I don’t want to wear any of those.” I saw him roll his eyes.

The car ride there was silent neither one of us said anything. 

We got to our seats and we didn’t anything to each other. I was starting to think he was mad at me and I didn’t know know why. Once the game started I knew we wouldn’t be talking. Our seats were three rows up from the ice. I was really hoping that Brock wouldn’t see me or any of the team really because then they would tell Brock. 

I tried to not watch number six but it was hard. He got a breakaway. He skated up the goal did a fake shot one way and then wen the compete opposite and got it into the back of the net. He skated up to the glass near where Jason and I were sitting looked in the fans cheer then I saw that he looked right at me. I’m not sure if he saw that it was really me because he didn’t look back or maybe he didn’t care that I was here. 

He did see me because once the second intermission came he didn’t skate off the ice right away he went right where we were sitting looked at me and point at me the then pointed at the tunnel. I knew what that meant. He did it a lot when we first started dating. It meant he wanted me to come down to the tunnels after the game. I got up from my seat need to get away from my brother and away from the ice for a little bit. Jason caught my arm before I could fully getaway.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to get another beer.” I held up the empty beer that was I holding. I just hope he couldn’t see I was lying and it looked like he bought it because he let go of my hand.

I watch on the tv that the third period started and I still didn’t want to go back to the seat. Maybe it was a bad idea to come here. I looked back at the tv again and see there were ten minutes left. Maybe I should just leave I’ll text Jason that I left. 

Once the game ended with the Canucks winning everyone was leaving. I knew Jason would be going to the tunnels. I decided to walk around a little bit more and to think a little bit more. I looked at my phone and saw there were a bunch of missed calls from Jason and one voicemail. I open up the voicemail and listen to it. 

“Y/N I don’t know if your still here at the arena but I’m guessing you left and went home. If by any chance your still here come down to the tunnels and talk to him. You might think he has a girlfriend but I’m going to tell you he doesn’t. He broke up with a girl because she wasn’t you. He asks how you are doing every time I hang out with him. Just think about it.” The voicemail ended after that. 

I just looked at my phone and saw the time it was around the time the guys would become out of the locker room. I walk over to the door the went downstairs. Walking down these halls brought back many many memories or Brock and I. I started hearing a bunch of voice as I got closer. Once I rounded the corner I saw the family and friends of the players. The first player that I see that sees me and is the captain Bo Horvat. 

“He’s really happy that you’re here.” He walks up to me gives me a hug. I smiled up at him and returned the hug. 

“I’m nervous to see him.”

“Don’t be,” 

I saw where Jason was standing but I don’t go over there yet because I see him wave at someone and I follow where he is looking it was Brock. I froze where I was stand. Brock walked up to my brother and did there bro hug and started talking. I saw Brock’s shoulders go down as though he is disappointed. 

All of a sudden I got the feeling to walk up to him. The out of nowhere I started walking over there. My mind was thinking of turning around while my body was thinking the complete opposite. I started to hear what Jason and Brock were talking about.

“I’m sorry I know you were-“ Jason started but stopped when he saw me walk up which made Brock look and I think my heart stopped. “I think I will go over there and talk to whoever will talk to me.” 

“Out of all the Canucks shirts that you have you choose to wear a plain white shirt?” He was the first to break the silence that was going between the two of us. I looked down at what I was wearing even though I knew that I had put on. 

“I couldn’t wear any of those.” I didn’t look at him

“And why not?”

“Because they had your name or number or both your name and number on it.” I looked up into his beautiful eyes. 

“What’s wrong with wearing my name on your back? You always looked cute with my name on you.” He took a step closer to me. 

I couldn’t be this close to him not when I know I still have feelings for him and I have no idea how he feels about me. I took one step back and walked down the hall that I came from but I felt someone grab my arm and pull me in a room and closed the door. I turned and saw Brock. He pushed me up against the door and put both hands on both sides on my head. I could feel his hot breath on my face. If I moved forward just a little bit our lips would touch. 

“Brock what are-“ 

“There was no reason for us to break up,”

“No reason? We were both busy doing our own things. I had school and studying for long hours. You had hockey traveling for games practices all the time. We didn’t have time for each other.”

“But I loved you,” well there you go he said ‘loved’ past tense. 

“Then why do you have me up against a door standing so close to me?” I could tell he was a little confused.

“I mean I love you. I loved you then and I love you now Y/N. We could have worked with it. You didn’t have much schools left. We made such a cute couple and we still can.” I was a little taken back. He said he loves me still. 

I didn’t know what to say or what to do the only thing that I could think of was to kiss him. I mean his lips are right now and they have always been so kissable. I use to tell him that all the time when I would just kiss them randomly. So that’s what I did I kissed him and everyone says fireworks go off when they kiss someone but all I could hear was my heart beating fast because I was finally kissing the love of my life again. We pulled away to catch our breath. 

“They were just so kissable I had to,” I gave him a small smile hoping he would get what I was trying to say. 

“Does that mean we can try again?”

“Yes.” The smile that he had was the one I would dream about all the time when I would think of him and it’s just how I remember it. 

We walked out of the room that he pulled me into and has soon as we out back to where everyone was still talking with the family and friends he bursts out and says “she agreed to date me again,” everyone laughed. Jason walks up to us and gives us a hug. 

“Well, it’s about time. I was getting tired of hearing this one,” points at Brock “ask how you are doing. I got tired of you hiding your feelings like they weren’t even there.” Brock and I laughed and rolled our eyes.

“At least we’re are together now.”