Andrei Svechnikov – Big Game, Big Surprise



Word count: 884

A/N: This took longer than I thought. I got a request to do a story with Andrei and nothing was coming to me. Really nothing was coming to me for any story. 

This was the biggest game of the season for me. I had to keep my head in the game and nowhere else but I kept thinking about Andrei and his team in the playoffs. Now my team is just a few hours away from the championship and we have won the past two years everyone is counting on us to bring home another one.

“Y/N are you almost ready to head to the field?” I look at one of my teammates who was standing in my bedroom doorway. 

“Yeah, I was waiting for a call from Andrei.” I look back on my phone. Still nothing.

“He’s probably at practice or something. They had a game yesterday and have one tomorrow. Y/N you know how it is during playoffs.” I sighed and stood up. 

I went to go grab my bag when my phone started to ring. I hurried and jumped over my bed and grabbed my phone my face fell when I didn’t see Andrei’s name but his brother Evgeny. 


“Y/N! Are you ready for the big lacrosse game?”

“No not really Andrei isn’t answering his phone I know he has practiced and is getting prepared for his game tomorrow but I’m kinda freaking out here and I just want to talk to him.”

“Calm down take a deep breath,” I did as he said, “Now if it makes you feel any better he’s not answering me either.” That didn’t make me feel any better.

“Evgeny that didn’t help.”

“Your just nervous because you are about to play a big game and that is why Andrei asked me to come.” I was a little confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“Y/N I’m coming to your game. Andrei was worried you’d freak out too much and he was right.”

I’m glad Evgeny was coming, we have gotten close since I started dating Andrei but I would rather have Andrei here, no offense to Evgeny I just want my boyfriend here.

“I just want total to him before the game that’s all,” I say almost at a whisper. I don’t even know if Evgeny heard me. 

“I will let you go to get ready I will see you there.” I smiled even though he couldn’t see it. It made me happy that one of the Svechnikov brothers could be at my game and see us win a championship.

“I’ll see you there.” I hung up grabbed my bag.


I was sat in my locker with my head in my hands and my elbows on my knees and my legs shaking.

I need to focus. I need to focus.

I would focus a lot better if my boyfriend would answer his damn phone.

“Y/L/N!” My head snapped up when I heard my name being called by my coach. “In the hall!” He walked out the door and I just stared at the door. I see all my teammates looking at me. 

I slowly walked to the door he just walked out of. I didn’t know what he wanted or what he wanted to talk about. We are just minutes away from our big game. I should be focusing.

“Coach?” I walked out of the door and he has is back to me. He turns around and I can’t tell if he is mad or happy.

“I don’t normally allow the team to see family or friends just a few minutes from the game but I think you need this.” He steps aside and I see Evgeny standing down the hall with a big smile on his face. I smile back and walk over to him.

“What are you doing down here?”

“You freak out too much and-“

“I know I just wanted to talk to Andrei but I’m okay. I’m just going to kick this teams ass and then when I see your bother I’m going to kick his ass for not answering his phone.”

“Well just kick his ass now.” He stepped aside and around the corner came Andrei.

I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I was mad at him for not answering me but I’m also happy that he’s here. 

I walked up to him and he opens up his arms thinking I was going to hug him but I wasn’t going to do that. I wasn’t going to let him off the hook. I slapped him in the arm. I thought about doing it n the face but I like his face too much and I wasn’t that mad at him.

“What was that for?” Andrei asked holding his arm where I slapped him. I heard Evgeny laughing.

“You couldn’t answer your phone today? You were just going to ignore me the whole day? On the day of my big game?” I wanted to slap him again but I decided not to.

“If I talked to you today then I would ruin the surprise.” I quickly wrapped my arms around him. He did the same and picked me off the floor.

“Thank you for coming,” I said in his ear. 

He set me down grabbed my face and kissed me. We stopped and didn’t move away for each other.

“Go kick some ass.” I laughed kissed him quickly and ran to the locker room.