NHL Captains || 2019-20 Season

NHL Captains || 2019-20 Season

Note: Vegas, NY Rangers, Detroit, & Ottawa do NOT have a captain…alternate captains were used.



Idiots // Josh Anderson

Summary: When you and your teammate’s go out to celebrate a win at your go-to diner, what happens when a stranger catches your eye?

Request: yes // no

Words: 2.6k

Warning(s): A LOT of swearing.

A/N: This story is based on a post that @h-ockey made. It was for an Au-trope thing, and when I saw it, I was immedailty inspired to write this! I hope you enjoy!!

The team had gone to Lousie’s to celebrate their win, all whooping and hollering in excitement as they marched down 5th Avenue toward the diner. You were laughing hysterically at your teammate’s antics and jumped on June’s back for a piggyback ride. She obliged and went off running, Indian screeching as she weaved her way through pedestrians who were unfazed. “June! Watch it!” You scolded as your centreman almost ran you into a low hanging sign. She guffawed, and you smacked the back of her head as retaliation. 

“Come off it, Cap!” She exclaimed, sharply turning around to reconnect with your teammates. She shifted you up as you started to slip. “Have some fun! We won, remember? Hell, we obliterate those assholes! Ain’t nobody gonna beat us this time around; we’re the heavyweight champs!“ 

"Keep talking, and you’ll jinx us, June.” Josie, your assistant captain, warned. She heaved her and your bag over her shoulders, and you couldn’t help but laugh at her strained expression. 

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NHL Franchise Leading Scorers – Columbus Blue …


1. Rick Nash – 289 (0.429 GPG)
2. Cam Atkinson – 186 (0.353 GPG)
3. Nick Foligno – 125 (0.255 GPG)
4. R.J. Umberger – 120 (0.270 GPG)
5. David Vyborny – 113 (0.208 GPG)


1. Rick Nash – 258 (0.383 APG)
2. David Vyborny – 204 (0.376 APG)
3. Nick Foligno – 162 (0.331 APG)
4. Cam Atkinson – 156 (0.296 APG)
5. Brandon Dubinsky – 153 (0.356 APG)


1. Rick Nash – 547 (0.812 PPG)
2. Cam Atkinson – 342 (0.649 PPG)
3. David Vyborny – 317 (0.584 PPG)
4. Nick Foligno – 287 (0.586 PPG)
5. R.J. Umberger – 250 (0.562 PPG)