I’ll Always Remember Us This Way-2- Tyler Segu…


A/N: having to repost since tumblr is being a pain in my ass. But i did a thing and wrote part 2, since enough of you asked for it. As always, the first part is linked in my masterlist. enjoy.

The end of the tour came quicker than you thought. It seemed like one minute you were running out of the locker room, leaving Tyler behind, and the next you were here, singing your final song. You knew everyone would go out and party tonight, which would make getting up for the flight in the morning next to impossible. But it was tradition.

“Thank you, New York! It’s been a hell of a tour, I’m glad I was able to spend the last night with you guys!”

You, however, had a choice to make. Get on the plane and go back to LA with everyone else, or choose another flight to take you where you wanted to go. An impossible decision to make without a little help from whatever everyone would be drinking tonight.

Above all else, you wanted to go home. But which one did you need the most?

You tried to catch your breath as you ran off stage. You were done, finally. You felt like you could really breathe for the first time in months. You loved your job and almost everything that came with it. But touring was hard, harder than anyone really ever said. The breaks in between writing a new album and touring were few and far between, but they were the best parts.

“You did it,” George grinned, “Do you need your post-show?”

“Now, all I need is a stiff drink and my bed.”

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NHL + tumblr text posts – Volume XII