|J. Benn|

Blind Date

Part 1

Katie wasn’t one of your best friends. In fact sometimes you doubted the “friendship” that you had. It was all about favors between the two, and it worked quite well for you two. There were no complaints about it.

You helped her with her work, gave her advices. She invited you to parties and hockey games. You did not talk about very personal things, your conversations were superficial and unimportant. You did not feel much confidence with Kate, you would not go to her for life or death advice, or go with her when your life was bad. But your friendship worked for both.

Thanks to her you knew wonderful people. One of those people was Jamie. He was one of the people you frequented the most, and he was also Katie’s boyfriend, or well, now he was her ex-boyfriend.

You felt bad for talking to Jamie. After all, Katie was supposed to be your friend, and the girls code made it very clear that ex-boyfriends were a forbidden field. You were not supposed to go to parties with Jamie, to events, go to his games or just talk to him. You felt you betrayed Katie, so you kept that part of your life hidden from her.

The break between them hadn’t gone well. They definitely hadn’t ended their relationship in a peaceful way.

Jamie was the most angry of the two. He felt betrayed and hurt. But Katie had a good point, she didn’t need someone to stop her, she needed to be free and try to grow professionally, and a relationship with someone like Jamie left her trapped in Dallas. So they ended a long relationship.

You were worried about Jamie. You knew how much Katie means to him, and how to lose her was so painful. You had already been in this kind of relationship, you always played the same role as Jamie’s, you were always the person who gave everything and received nothing, and the one who suffered the most at the end.

You understood how difficult it was for him, but it was time for him to move on. And you were willing to help him.

“I don’t know,” he murmured, staring at the TV.

“What do you mean with that?”

“I don’t want a blind date, in fact, I don’t want a date at all,” he said, looking at you, “it’s annoying, just stop doing it, please.”

“I’m helping you to move on, I know that yours and Katie’s did not work, but …”

“I got over it a long time ago, okay? I just do not want a date” Jamie sighed. “The guys are already trying to get me a date, especially Tyler, I don’t want you to join the team ’Let’s get a girl for Jamie’, it’s annoying.”

“You can’t stay single forever”.

“I don’t want to be single forever, I’m just waiting for the right girl”.

“Oh, yeah? tell me about it, maybe I have a friend that fits your list of the ideal girl”.

Jamie rolled his eyes. “You’re making fun of me,” he complained.

“I’m not, I’m serious, I’m really interested in knowing what your type of girl is”.

Jamie looked into her eyes longer than necessary, or so it seemed to her.

“Everything is on that list,” you told Tyler. “Your ideal girl”

Tyler took the sheet and read line after line.

“It’s more complicated than it looks,” you murmured. “Jamie is very specific with what he wants, too much.”

A wicked smile appeared on Tyler’s lips.

“Do you know someone?” you asked surprised.

“I think, my dear friend, that Jamie has a date for tonight”.

Tyler Seguin – Its Always Been You



Word count: 2,455

Inspired by: Marry me – Thomas Rhett

Tyler’s POV

She wants to get married, she wants it perfect

She wants her grandaddy preaching the service

Yeah, she wants magnolias out in the country

Not too many people, save her daddy some money

Growing up with two sisters was easy but growing up with Y/N right next door was something else. When we were younger she was always in her backyard with her stuff animals they were all sitting in rows and she would have this white dress on that was a little too big for her. She had a pearl necklace around her neck that was no doubt her mothers and the white heels were most likely her moms too. She would stand next to a bear that was wearing a black suit and I would watch her get married to the bear. I was in aw of her when I watch her the first time but when he saw me she had been dressed in a black suit and stand next to her and pretend we were getting married. Our parents loved it they still talk about it all the time when our families get together. 

Y/N sometimes would sit in my treehouse and tell me how she wanted her wedding. She didn’t want too many people only close family and friends. She wanted magnolias because her grandparents have them at their house. She wanted it to be somewhere in the country. Even at a young age, she didn’t want to spend too much.

Ooh, she got it all planned out

Yeah, I can see it all right now

I’ll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back

I’ll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask

I’ll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees

Yeah, she wanna get married

But she don’t wanna marry me

I would be lying right now if I said I didn’t picture marrying Y/N one day.

I would put on a black suit almost like I wore when we were younger and almost like I wear on game day but nicer. I would have a black-tie on with magnolia on the jacket. 

I would be waiting with my groomsmen to walk down the aisle. I would look over my shoulder and Jamie would be right there giving me a big smile. He would hand me a flask for one sip to get me through this and to calm my nerves. My hand would be sweating and I would be shaking a little bit. I would probably look at my mom and she would tell me that she has never seen me this away not even before I won the Stanley Cup.

As I wait for Y/N to come down I would try not to cry because then I would never herd the end of it in the locker room. I would see both my sister walk in first they both say wait till you see her. I would be a goner when I see her and her dad walking down. Her smile is big and bright It would be just her and me against the world.

She’s going to have her perfect wedding one day but she won’t be marrying me.

I messed that up when I went to Boston.

My first season in the NHL I thought I had it all. I was wrong I didn’t tag to Y/N the whole time I was there and when I got traded to Dallas I tried to call Y/N but she would answer. I asked Candice why she wasn’t answering any of my calls, she told me I messed up and I need to fix my mistake and that’s what I didn’t. I went to her house and every day for three weeks until she would talk to me. When she did start to talk to me it took us a while to get back to us being close again and to where she could trust me. I was an idiot for what I did and I don’t blame her for not wanting to see or talk to me. I don’t deserve her as a friend.

I remember the night when I almost kissed her

Yeah, I kinda freaked out, we’d been friends for forever 

And I always wondered if she felt the same way

When I got the invite, I knew it was too late

There was one night after a game everyone was going over to Jamie’s house to celebrate that we made it to playoffs. Y/N was able to make it to the game it was very last minute but I was happy knowing she was there cheering me on. As I got dressed all I could think about was she was waiting for me outside that locker room.

“When are you going to tell her?” I look over at Jamie.

“What are you talking about?”

“When are you going to tell Y/N that you love her and not just as a friend but that you are in love with her? Because if you wait too long she’s going to find someone and that someone isn’t going to be the guy that plays hockey for the Dallas Stars and wear the number 91.” He grabbed his bag and walked out of the locker room before I could say anything. 

Would she find someone who is better than me? She could find someone that isn’t gone for most of the year playing hockey and training. She should find someone better than me but I would like nothing more than that someone to be me. 

I walked out of the locker room and I see Y/N standing there in my jersey with my name and number on the back and she could look hotter. I wouldn’t want anyone else down here waiting for me in my jersey than her.

“Tyler!” She yelled my name and ran up to me and wrapped her arms roundly neck and I wrapped mine around her waist and lifted her off the floor. “You had two amazing goals tonight!” I laughed and set her back down.

“I told you if you came I would get you a goal.” I put one arm around her shoulders and while she put on roundly waist. I pulled her a little closer and kissed her on the top of her head. “Some of the guys are going to Benn’s place to celebrate us going to playoffs you want to go?” I ask her really hoping she will say yes.

“Jamie actually already asked me to come and I told him I would but not for too long. I was hoping I could get a ride with you there?” I smiled at her she didn’t have to ask she knew she could get a ride. She could ask me for anything I would give it to her.

I was driving us to Jamie’s house, Y/N was sat next to me singing whatever song that came on. She was in such a good mood today. It was nice seeing her joking around with the guys and laugh with the other girls she just fits right in with everyone.

Once we got to Jamie’s house there were a lot more people than I thought there was going to be. I thought it was just going to be the team but I guess word got out and now it’s one big house party. Y/N and I were walking up to the house when I felt someone grab my hand and interlace our figures together and I look down and see that the hand it belonged to was Y/N I smiled and lend us through the house to get something to drink. As we turned a corner I was pulled back around the corner and I saw it was Y/N that pulled me back.

“That girl that tried to get with you the other night at the bar is here,” I looked at her confused there are a lot of girls that come up to me at bars. Y/N rolled her eyes “The crazy one that said she went to school with you she wore that ugly green dress.” I thought back and now I remember. 

“Oh great now-“ Before I was able to finish I was pushed into Y/N which made her step back against the wall I had both hands planted on both sides of her head. Our faces were so close all I wanted to do was kiss her and it almost seemed like she wanted the same thing. I slowly started to lean in.

“Seguin!” I felt two hands go on my shoulders I turn and see its Radulov. I sighed and turn fully to him and great him. After he left I turn back to Y/N and see that she was gone.

I looked all over for her. Jamie ended up tell me an hour later thatch got an Uber home and that she didn’t feel that well.

The next time I saw her she both acted like nothing happened. 

A week after that she told me she started seeing someone.

A year and a half after that I got a text from Y/N she sent me a picture. It was a picture of a ring on her finger.

Two months later I got a wedding invite.

And I know her daddy’s been dreading this day

Oh, but he don’t know he ain’t the only one giving her away

I went back home to visit with my family. I had a couple days off. Mom and Dad were outback cooking. Candace and Cassidy were getting the plates and drinks to go outside. 

“Candace I think you got two too many plates there.” I look at the plates that she’s holding.

“Mom and dad didn’t tell you? Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N is coming over.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of course they are.

I walk outside and see everyone out there sitting around the table. I took a seat in front of Mr. Y/L/N.

“Are you guys ready for Y/N to get married?” My mom asked 

“No.” I looked right across the table. “I’m not ready to give my little girl away.” He’s not the only one that’s not ready to give her away. 

Bet she got on her dress now, welcoming the guests now

I could try to find her, get it off of my chest now

But I ain’t gonna mess it up, so I’ll wish her the best now

So I’m in my black suit, black tie, hiding out in the back

Doing a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask

I’ll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees

Yeah, she wanna get married

Yeah, she gonna get married

But she ain’t gonna marry me

Whoa, she ain’t gonna marry me, no

She was getting married in our home town. She was having the wedding that she has always dreamed about. 

I looked at the pictures that were placed down the path to our seats I see her smile with her soon to be husband. All I can see is that it isn’t me that she’s marrying. 

All I want to do was to go find her and tell her how I fell but I know that would upset her. I couldn’t do that to her. 

I take out my flask because I wouldn’t be able to make it through this wedding without it. I see both of my sister giving me a look to put it away and I do. I stand up from where I was sitting and start to walk back up the path. I hear my mom and sisters calling out for me but I don’t turn around. I couldn’t sit there and watch the person I love marry some else. I could sit there through all that seeing her happy with someone else.

I pull up to my parent’s house and walk around the back. I look up at the treehouse and I climb up and just sit there thinking about the time I would be sitting in here and Y/N would be telling me about her dream wedding that she would have one day. I take a sip from my flask. I look off to Y/N parents backyard and think about the wedding we had when we were younger. I take a sip from my flask. I look back at my parent’s house and I see Y/N walking through the gate and looking up at the treehouse. She was in her beautiful white cinderella dress. I could tell she had been crying I hurried down.

“What are you doing?” I ask her leaving space between us.

“What do you mean what am I doing? What are you doing Tyler? I looked for you while was walking down the aisle and you went there.” I put my hand in my pockets and looked down at the ground.

“You came all the way to get me to your wedding?” I could look at her.

“That wasn’t my wedding Tyler,” I looked up confused. “My wedding is supposed to be with the person I love most. It’s supposed to be with my best friend. That man that was waiting for me to walking down the aisle was not him. Yes, I love him but I’m in love with someone else.”

“What are you talk about Y/N?” I’m still confused.

“God Tyler when are you going to see it? I mean everyone else sees it. Your whole team knows I don’t know how you don’t. Tyler Paul Seguin you idiot I’m in love with you. I want you to be the one I marry. I want my dream wedding that I would tell you about in the treehouse. I want the wedding that I would set up and have you present to marry me but I don’t want to pretend I want to marry you for real. I want to be there when you come home for a road trip and just cuddle all night till we fall asleep in each other’s arms. I want to grow old with you. I want-“ She was talking too much so I went up to her and grabbed her face and kissed her. I have waited years to kiss her and it was worth the wait.

“I love you Y/N. I have been in love with you.”

“What took you so long?” She asked me.

“I didn’t think you felt the same way.”