hot chocolate – jack hughes

summary: when brady comes to visit his favorite hockey family, he learns that his honorary little brother is having some girl trouble.

warnings: swearing, who knows what else 

word count: [3,088] 

a/n: to the anon who sent this blurb, i love you, and hope you like it:)

“So what’s it been like without me here to keep you all in line?” Brady asked with a cocky smirk. Your eyes rolled at the boy you’d known since he played with Quinn. “Hey none of that Y/n, you know you missed me. Nobody can pick on you if I’m not here.” You shook your head before glancing around the basement looking at all three Hughes brothers. 

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Midnight Mistakes


Midnight Mistakes

Taylor Hall

Word Count: 3,222

Rating: NC-17


Hallsy Smut…? (I realize this was a random request received but it got my brain
going and it was written quickly and was super helpful in getting my writing
going again.)

A/N: This is
a story containing smut and if that’s not your thing I probably would refrain
from reading it.  If you’re fine with
said scenario all I have to say is anger towards Taylor turns into angry sex
with Taylor.  This is my first attempt at
smut so let me know what you think of it and if you’d like to see more stories
like this, otherwise ENJOY the story!!  A
big thank you needs to be said to @bostonstrongforlife for proofreading the
story for me before I posted it!!

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Leaning out
of the bathroom I tried listening to the game recap as I brushed my teeth.  I knew the outcome of the game, I had watched
it in its entirety, but was hoping for a little positivity to be spoken by the
announcers.  Rinsing out my mouth I knew this
was not going to be the night they granted my wish.

Slipping out
of my lounge pants and hoodie I grabbed one of Taylor’s t-shirts from his
drawer and pulled it on as I slid under the covers to await his call.  It was already later than the normal time he
called after games which was fine since I knew he was going to be grumpy.  

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New Jersey Devils 2018-19 Team

New Jersey Devils 2018-19 Team

+ a few Binghamton Devils