Bob Bourne: This is Behn Wilson we’re talking about. He’s the toughest
there is.

Clark Gillies: Well, he has never fought me.

Bob Bourne: Yeah, he has.

Clark Gillies: He has never fought me twice!


Leo Komarov: On top of Finnish and English, I spent some time in
Russia so I can speak Russian. Oh, and Swedish.

Mathew Barzal: Cool. I once got 12 out of 12 on a Buzzfeed quiz
called ‘Do You Know All The Slang Words The Kardashians Invented?’

Leo Komarov: Congratulations?

Mathew Barzal: Thank you.

Mathew Barzal:

Mathew Barzal: I’m going to be honest, I did cheat.