Do you think Kirby Dach will make the NHL next…

Do you think Kirby Dach will make the NHL next season?

I don’t. And I don’t think he should, unless he comes in and absolutely blows everybody away in training camp. He’s a guy who will very much benefit from more development, I think. It’s unfortunate, in my opinion, that he can’t go to the AHL rather than back to the WHL, but that’s how it goes. I’ve brought it up before, but when you’re talking about these high-end prospects who also happen to be bigger than most of their competition in their draft year, I’m always in favour of more development. Whether they play a physical game or not, they get used to using their size to push around opponents, and that’s not something that’s going to be nearly as easy at the next level. Especially with somebody like Dach, who isn’t a particularly explosive skater. Ideally, playing a season against men in the AHL would help with that, allow him to adjust his game to better work against bigger, stronger opponents, but that’s not possible in this case. So the best bet is sending him back to junior, let him keep playing lots of minutes and let him develop more physically and work on his skating instead. The more time he gets to mature, the less he has to change his game at all. It helps that Chicago doesn’t really need him right now as well. They can afford not to rush him into the line-up, give him a couple seasons to keep improving.

What do you think of the Ott/Chi trade?

What do you think of the Ott/Chi trade?

It was about the money. Chicago clears up a bit of cap space, Ottawa saves a bit in actual dollars. Anisimov counts $1.3 million higher against the cap than Smith does, but he’s actually owed $1.5 million less in salary over the rest of his contract. Ottawa has plenty of cap space and almost no money, Chicago has plenty of money and almost no cap space, so it was a good fit for both sides. And Chicago was okay with giving up Anisimov to help their cap situation because adding Shaw earlier off-sets that loss of production. Solid move for both sides. 

Why is it that the coyotes can't score mu…

Why is it that the coyotes can't score much during the season? Like, their leading goal scorer only had 19 goals? And their leader in points only had 47? It seems so low.

They play a style that’s heavily weighted toward tight defensive play because they don’t have the firepower to play any other way and actually compete. The offense suffers as a result. The Islanders did the same thing this season. They don’t have the high-end offensive talent to play in a more open system, so they do what they can to maximise what they do have. A team like Toronto, or Tampa, or San Jose can go out and reasonably expect to score 4 or 5 every night. Arizona can maybe hope to score 2, so they really need to focus more on keeping the opponent to 1 than scoring more themselves. 

What do you think of Colorado signing Burakovs…

What do you think of Colorado signing Burakovsky to a one-year deal?

It’s fine. It’s a prove-it deal. They’ll give him some 2nd-line minutes this year alongside Kadri, and if he can put up some points, live up to his potential, he’ll get a longer deal next season. He’s RFA again next year, so he’ll still be under team control. If he does well, they can give him a long-term extension. If he disappoints, they can trade him like Washington did, or just not qualify him and let him walk away. 

do u think the oilers will make the playoffs n…

do u think the oilers will make the playoffs next season?

No. They haven’t improved in any of the areas they were weak. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. The main thing they’ve done this off-season is not add any bad players on terrible contracts. I think everybody kind of laughed at the Mike Smith signing, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. It’s a one-year deal. They didn’t sign him because they think he’s the one piece they were missing. They signed him because they need somebody who is capable of splitting the net with Koskinen for a year. They’re going to have some cap space to play with next off-season now, and potentially more if they can move out a guy like Russell next year. He probably looks a lot more attractive to teams with just one year left on his deal and not two. It’s probably going to be a really painful year, but that’s the price they have to pay for letting dispshits run the team for as long as they did.