Tyson Barrie – Lost



Word count: 1,605

When Tyson told me he was getting traded to Toronto. I didn’t know what to think. He loved being here in Colorado. We met here, he proposed to me here. We were building a life here. I haven’t even been able to tell Tyson that I’m pregnant with his baby yet. 

Now we are at the airport to go to Toronto to look at a place to stay. I look down at mine and Tyson’ hands that were sitting on my lap.

“Babe are you alright?” I look up and see Tyson looking at me.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“You just have been a little quiet today the all.” He leaned over and kissed the side of my head and went back reading whatever he was reading on his phone. 

I have thought about didn’t ways to tell Tyson about the baby. I thought about telling him once we find a place in Toronto but that’s if we find a place. 


I was surprised that the first house Tyson and I looked at was the one that we fell in love with. We didn’t have to look anymore. 

We went out the next day to look for things for our new house. Tyson wanted to go into this sports store that had some Maple Leafs shirts. He wanted to get a couple for family. I was looking around. And saw a little t-shirt that said ‘new teammate coming’ I can put 2020 on it and give it to Tyson. I looked around to see where my husband was and I saw he was on the other side of the store so I grabbed the shirt and to pay for it. 

The next day I went to get 2020 on the shirt and I was going to surprise Tyson tonight. 

I walked into our house and I see candles all around the house. I was in a little more, I see Tyson standing there with a bottle of wine and dinner on the floor because we still don’t have a table we don’t have anything.

“What is all this?”

“I thought we could celebrate our new place.” He poured some wine and a plastic cup and walked over to me. I looked a the cup and smiled. I took the cup but I didn’t take a sip.

“I thought we could celebrate too.” I took out the bag that had the t-shirt inside. “Here,” I handed the bag to him.

“What is this?”

“Just open it.” I sent my drink down on the kitchen counter. I look over at Tyson who was already holding up the t-shirt.

“Wait are you?” He looked back at the shirt and back to me. “Are we having a baby?” I nod my head. I tear went down my face when I saw the smile on his face. 

He ran up to me and picked me up and spun me around. Our laughter filled our empty house. He down on his knees in front of me and placed his hands on my stomach.

“Hi baby,” I laughed. 


I have been holding off on moving all my things to Toronto. My Brother and his wife just had their third baby an I wanted to be there for them. My sister’s boyfriend just broke up with her and she needed me there. I was holding off moving because my family needed me but my husband needed me in Toronto.

Tyson was in Toronto now because training has started. We talk all this time but there was part of me that didn’t want to leave Colorado. I didn’t want to move somewhere where I didn’t know anyone. I know I would meet all the wives and girlfriends of Tyson’s new teammates. 

I knew I waited long enough to go but I finally landed in Toronto. Tyson’s at practice so he won’t be home a for a little while. 

Once I got to the house I walked and noticed all the stuff that we bought was already set up. Tyson put everything in its place the house looked really nice it looked like a home. I walked up to the stairs and there was only one door open I looked in there first and I see that it was a crib and some baby stuff. I have been really emotional things past couple weeks so when I saw that Tyson did this I started to cry and not because I’m upset that he did it without me but that he actually went out and bought a crib and didn’t things for our baby.  I sat on the floor and went through everything that he got just to see.

“I only got a couple things. I couldn’t help myself.” I looked behind me and see Tyson standing there. I got up and walked over to him and hugged him I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks and I just wanted him to hold me right now. 

“You are going to be a great dad you know that?” I smile u at him and kiss his lips.

“Well, you’re going to be a great mom. So I guess I kid is going to have two great parents.” I lean my head on his chest and we just stand there minute just holding each other. “Come on let’s make something to eat.” I follow him down the stairs. 

Some how I tripped and fell all the down. I held my stomach and started to cry. I started to fell pain. I could see Tyson try to talk to me but I didn’t hear him I was too worried about my baby. 


Tyson and I were at the hospital waiting for the doctor to come back in to tell us how our baby is doing. It felt like he was never going to come back in. My hand never left my stomach. I prayed that my baby was okay. I looked over at Tyson and see that he is sitting in the chair next to me with his head in his hands. 

The door open and in walked the doctor. Tyson got up and stood by me and held my hand that wasn’t on my stomach. 

“I’m sorry to inform you Mr. and Mrs. Barrie-“ That is the only thing I heard the doctor say when I started to cry I lead over to Tyson and he just held me. I lost our baby. 

Once we were finished with everything at the hospital Tyson and I went home and just at on our couch and he wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Tyson.” I cried more tears. “I lost our baby.”

“Don’t be sorry Y/N it just wasn’t our time. It will be okay. We have each other.” He kissed the top of my head 


*One year later*

Its been a years since Tyson and I lost our baby. People say when you go through something like that it could sometimes end a marriage or bring you guys closer together and it defiantly brought Tyson and me closer together. I don’t think we have been closer.

This past hockey season was rough in the start with Tyson being on a new team and with losing the baby it was just a hard time but his new teammates have been really supportive and been there for us in our darkest times. A group of people that we didn’t really know was there for us when we didn’t them. 

“Hey babe,” Tyson walked in with two white balloons. We thought it would be nice to let them go up in the sky for our little one. 

“I can’t believe it’s been a year already,” I closed my laptop and walked over to him.

“I know I feel like it was just last week,” I could see the sadness in this eyes. I held up my hand to his face and he leads into my touch. 

“I love you, Tyson Barrie. I don’t know what I would ahem done if you weren’t there with me through the whole thing.” I tell in softly. He put him he’d on my shoulder and I could tell that he was crying. I wrapped my arms around him and just held him like he did for me all the times I cried. 

“I don’t know what I would have done either without you there for me. During the season was the hardest being away from you. I thought some of the guys would get annoyed with me with the number of times I called you but they all knew that’s what I needed. I just needed you.” He whispered 

We went outside in our backyard to let the balloons fly. We stood there for a little bit just the two of us in each other’s arms. We both let the balloons go at the same time and just watched them fly. 

We heard the side gate open and look to see it some of Tyson’s teammates walk in.

“What are you guys doing here?” Tyson asked while we walked up to them.

“We know today was probably going to be hard for you both so we thought we could bring some food to have a little cookout and just hang out.” Morgan Rielly spoke up first. “Unless you two want to be alone together then we all understand that!” I saw Tyson look over at me for an answer and I smiled. These guys have been there for us I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

“What are you cooking?”

Happy Daddy’s Day – Morgan Rielly


requested: yes (by anon)

prompt(s): “it’s Father’s Day soon, so I was wondering if you would be interested to write an imagine where you are your kids are making Mo’s favorite breakfast and then bringing it and the gifts to him for a surprise breakfast in bed.” + my twist (lol)

word count: 2,777

author’s note: I just wanted to thank you guys for the well-wishes and love and understanding for the lack of content flow. It’s been rough time but hopefully I’ll find a way to push through and return to loving what I’m writing and pushing it out for you all to enjoy. Hope you guys love daddyMo as much as I do!


“More chocolate, momma?” your three year old asks, his little hands grasping the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

“What do you think daddy wants, Mav?” you turn your face to your little boy and await his predictable answer.

“More!” He proclaims, dumping the rest of the bag into the batter.

“Mav!” You whisper-yell. “That was almost half a bag of chocolate chips! You’re going to have a tummy ache before lunch!” Maverick looks at you, his blue eyes glowing and his little grin spreading across his cheeks. “You little chocolate monster, I’m gonna get you!”

Your fingers danced along your son’s stomach and he squirmed back into your chest, squealing.

“Quiet, quiet,” you shush, holding him tight to you, ensuring he doesn’t tumble off the marble countertops. “We gotta be quiet so we can surprise daddy, okay?”

You look to Mav and he nods his head in exaggerated motions.

“I’m gonna cut up the bananas so we can have that ready to go for the pancakes while you stir that up, okay?” Mav nods again and gets to work, mixing in the mess of chocolate into the pancake batter you had whipped up from scratch.

You gathered the peeled bananas on the cutting board and began slicing when the coos of your baby girl meets your ear.

“Aww, is my baby girl awake? Just in time for daddy’s surprise?” You look over to where you had placed your daughter in her sleeper on the counter in front of you. “Is that my little princess?” You place the knife in the sink and wash your hands  before rounding the island to pull your baby girl to your chest.

“Momma, is Gracie awake?” You nod, bouncing your baby girl as you walked back to where her brother sat.

“Hi, baby sister!” Mav cooed, his lips puckered to press to his little sister’s cheek. She stretched at that second, her little hand hitting him in the face. “Ow, sissy! That hurt!” He yelped, laughing himself.

“Mav, gotta be quiet, remember or else daddy will wake up!” He presses his hands to his mouth and giggles but nods nonetheless. You smile down at him and ruffle his already crazy blonde bed head.

“What was that about daddy?” Your eyes fly up to take in your husband, clad in joggers and T-shirt emerging from the stairs.

You couldn’t help but contain the disappointment that no doubt appeared on your face. “What are you doing up?”

Morgan’s lips turn up into a grin when takes in the entirety of his little family in the kitchen. He rounds the corner and wraps his arms around you from behind.

“I heard little giggles but couldn’t find Mav or my little princess, so I thought I’d come down to investigate… and the bed was cold and empty when I rolled over this morning.” He winks at you before pressing a gentle kiss to your temple. “Good morning, babe.”

You sigh. “Good morning.”

He drops his head and presses a kiss to Gracie’s unruly hair, whispering a sweet, “mornin’, princess,” before moving on to Mav.

“Mornin’, tiger!” He greets, wrapping him up in his arms and kissing his head. “What are you making there?”

“Pancakes, daddy! Your favorite!” Morgan mussed up your son’s hair before leaning onto the counter, his eyes on you.

“You’re supposed to be in bed,” you grumble, picking at the cut bananas on the counter. “We were supposed to surprise you.”

Morgan straightens up, comes over to you and brushes a strand hair behind your ear, his hand cupping your cheek. “Don’t need a surprise… just need you. All of you.” His thumb strokes along the curve of your lower lip before he leans in to press a gentle kiss.

You smile at him adoringly, lovingly. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, babe.”

It was in that moment that Gracie decided to make her presence known again, her head tilting back, her blue eyes sparkling as she looked up to her daddy. She gurgled and squealed, her legs kicking as she squirmed in your arms.

“Good morning, princess! Did you have a good sleep? You only woke up once, didn’t you!” Morgan reaches over and pulls her to him and presses an exaggerated kiss to her chubby cheeks. “How about we let momma and Mav do their thing, yeah, baby girl?”

Morgan dances his way out of the kitchen,  baby girl in tow.

“Mav, wanna help momma cook those on the griddle?” He nods enthusiastically, his arms outstretched to be taken off the counter. You obliged, pulling your boy to you and just holding him for a second.

“Does momma tell you how much she loves you enough?” You whisper to him, your arms folded around his body, holding your first-born tight to you. “I love you so much, baby boy.”

It was in those moments that you got to take a step back and think of how thankful you were for how your life turned out, how perfect. When you could be with your family, sharing a quiet, lazy morning. When you had your little boy tucked in your arms and you could watch your husband talking sweetly to your baby girl as they watched the sunrise over the mountains. You felt calm, at peace, whole. Your family made you whole. They were all you’d ever need.

Your two boys and your little princess.

No matter where life took you, as long as they were there, that was all you’d ever need.

“Momma, can I flip the pancakes?” Maverick wondered, his head buried in your neck.

“Yes,” you laughed, ruffling his hair and pulling back to let him down. “Go grab your little step stool, Bub.”

“Now, I’m going to help you okay? When you see the little bubbles on the edge, we’ll flip.” He nods again, his hand tiny on the spatula. You giggle, taking a moment to snap a picture to send to his grandparents.

“Look at my big boy already cookin’ like momma!” Morgan called, entering the room with Gracie. He passes through the kitchen to ruffle Mav’s hair before coming to settle back at the counter.

“Well he’s not cooking like daddy since daddy can’t cook,” you teased, winking at him and earning an eye roll.

“Well… despite that fact, is there anything I can help with?”

“Nope! You’re not even supposed to be out here!” You scold. Turning back to assist Maverick who had yelled to turn the pancake over.

“Well, I guess me and Gracie-Grace will just hang here then, grumpy pants.” And he did, turning on his favorite coffeehouse playlist over the home sound system and cooing to the growing baby girl in his arms, telling her stories about her papa that we were going to see later in the day, the day her big brother was born and how lovely and strong her momma was. He was effectively melting you with his words, praising you on what was supposed to be his day.

“You’re doing a good job, Mav!” He praised from where he had moved to next to you and your son, ignoring you and making coffee.

“Daddy, no help!” Mav reprimanded causing you to howl at the unprompted outburst. “No, daddy.”

“Whoa, whoa, Bub! I’m just making me and momma some coffee then I’ll get out of your kitchen!” He had the one hand not holding Gracie raised in defense and that just makes you laugh harder.

One-handed, Morgan crafts your morning coffee in your favorite mug, almond milk and all and brings it to you, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Here you go, babe.”

“Thank you,” you murmur, your hand catching his waist as he slips by with his own cup. “Babe, can you please just humor me? Put Gracie back down and get back in bed? So we can surprise you? Please?”

He frowns at you, pouting just like Mav did, no doubt who he learned it from. “Can I at least help carry some things up?”


“Can I at least—“


“Okay but can I at least take Gracie with me?” His hand goes to cradle her head to his chest, his pout becoming more pronounced. “She’s my princess…”

Your eyes fly back to Mav who was tugging at your sleep shirt and mumbled an “okay,” before flipping the last pancake onto the plate. “Pretend to be asleep!” You yell after him as he collects your coffee mug and starts his journey back to your bedroom.

“Daddy’s silly, momma!” Mav giggles and to that you nod.

“C’mere and help me decorate daddy’s pancake, nugget.” You lifted Mav back onto the counter and there, you decorate Morgan’s pancake with a banana smile and whipped cream toppings.

“I want the same as daddy, momma!” And of course he did. Maverick was easily his father’s son: blonde wispy hair, curious blue eyes, a wicked sense of humor and smart for his age. He wanted to do anything Morgan did and despite your sassy attitude that he was inheriting, he was all Morgan.

“Now, what are we gonna say to daddy when we go upstairs, Mav?” You ask as you assemble the bacon and scrambled eggs on one plate and the bowl of fruit on the side.

“Happy daddy’s day!” He recites, his hands thrown up in the air in excitement. “I’ll do it twice for me and sissy!”

You smile down at him and smooth his hair back. “‘Atta boy, Mav.” You set him back on the floor and take the light tray in your hands. “Gotta be careful, okay? We don’t want to spill.” He nods and you place them in his little hands. “Now, let’s go surprise daddy.”

You follow him as he focuses on the task at hand, watching his little feet as they go, his tongue stuck between his lips in concentration. When you get to the door, your hear the morning news shut off from

the TV just inside the door and the bed frame squeak from Morgan no doubt laying back and putting on a show for you.

You open the door carefully balancing the tray in one arm. “Go ahead,” you prompt Maverick and file in right behind him.

“Happy daddy’s day, daddy!” Mav yells putting the tray on the bedside table. “Happy daddy’s day!” He throws his arms up and jumps onto the bed where Morgan is just pushing himself up. “That one’s for Gracie, daddy!”

Morgan sits up with his back against the headboard and captures Maverick in his other arm, pulling him into his lap while holding Gracie in his other arm.

“Thank you, babies!” He presses a sloppy kiss to each one of their cheeks, causing Mav to squeal in disgust.

“Did you see the balloons, daddy?” Your three year old asks, pointing to the various Father’s day balloons that you had placed strategically around your Vancouver home as soon as you awoke that morning.

“Yeah, who picked them out? Princess Grace?” He was teasing your son.

“Yeah and me and momma, daddy!” Morgan laughs and presses his fingers into your son and daughter’s bellies, tickling them both, eliciting the sweetest sound of laughter and happiness.

“And you, too, babe. C’mere.” And you do, placing the tray in your hands on your bedside table. You move into Morgan’s side where he wraps an arm around you, pulling you in for a tender kiss and whisper. “Thank you, for you, for the kids, for everything.” And for that, you press yourself to him, your lips molding against his, breathing the endless love and gratitude you had for your husband into one act of affection.

“I love you, Morgan.”

And of course, being a parent to a three year old meant that displays of affection never lasted too long and usually ended with an, “ewwww, gross!” which usually sent you and Morgan into laughing fits.

This was no exception.

“Okay, okay, Mav. Settle down.” He twists to pull the tray onto the throw blanket he had spread over the duvet. “Oh my goodness, smiley banana chocolate chip pancakes? My favorite!”

Mav giggles, clapping his hands. “I made those daddy! Me and momma made those!”

Morgan pats his belly. “Then these have to be good then! Let’s dig in! I’m huuuungry!” You chuckle at the show he’s putting on and reach for Gracie so that he can help your son with his breakfast.

“Momma, are you going to eat, too?” Mav wonders, a mouthful of pancake and chocolate already smothered on his lips and cheeks.

You nod but help Gracie latch on for her own breakfast. “After Gracie has her breakfast, I will.” You stroke your three month old’s cheek as she suckles, hungry after hours of sleep, her little hands tucked neatly around you, her eyes a crystal blue as they took you in. “My princess is hungry isn’t she? So hungry and so beautiful. You’re getting so big, baby girl!” You coo, loving on her, your heart full.

And you really were so full of love and joy and thankfulness for the blessings of this life. Your son was chatting along with his father as they devoured their favorite breakfast and you were there, basking in the warmth of the sun coming in as you nurtured your daughter with your body.

“So beautiful,” Morgan murmured as he caught sight of you with his little princess And he was right.

It was beautiful. Everything about it.

And you couldn’t help the swell in your heart for the man by your side that had given you the world with his love. All of this.

He was everything you ever wanted in a husband, a best friend and most of all, the father of your children. You would never be able to express the gratitude and appreciation you had for him. There was not enough pancakes in the world to thank him for always putting you and your family first, for always supporting you and your dreams and for always being there to be the perfect man that you needed in your life. He was everything you ever wanted, everything you ever needed.

He was love. The true definition.

“What about the presents, momma?” Mav wonders, his head turning rom the early morning cartoons Morgan had put on for him. “Can I get them?” And you nod and your son scampers off to the hiding place in your closet, returning with two boxes.

“Happy daddy’s day!” Mav yells again, depositing the boxes in front of his father.

“Aww, thank you!”

“Can I open?” Mav asks and Morgan laughs, pulling him back into his lap so they could tear the wrapping paper together. Mav pulls out the frame that contained a shot from your recent family photoshoot. “Look, daddy! It has my footsie and sissy’s!” Mav pointed out the inked footprints replicated on the matting on either side of the photo, your kids’ names carefully printed underneath.

“So you can replace the old you have in your stall when you go back in the fall,” you explain.

Morgan held the frame in his hands, his fingertips tracing over Maverick’s footprint, taken the day he was born. “I only have one of us and Mav.” His voice was soft and gentle. And you nod, smiling at him.

“Open the other one,” you prompted. And he does as you say, pulling the wrapper off the smaller box.

He holds the bracelet in his hand, the braided leather dangling from his fingertips as he examined the silver rings that wrapped around it. His eyes were rimmed in red and when he looked up to you, you could swear you saw right through him.

“It’s so you can remember us when you’re on the road,” you rasp, the emotion catching in your voice. “Whenever you’re away, you can look down and—“

“See what’s motivating me to be a better man, a better husband, a better father,” he finishes. “Y/N, Maverick, Gracie.” He whispers as he reads the names. “I love it.” He clasps it around his wrist and gazes down at it. “Thank you, guys.”

“Thank you,” you whisper, leaning into him and kissing his shoulder. It was simple but it was all you could ever say to express your gratitude for him, for the husband, the father, the love of your life.

And he smiles softly, pulling you in closer to snuggle into his chest.

And you knew that in this moment, this was where you were meant to be, with your little family, cuddled up in bed, basking in the morning sun, quietly celebrating daddy’s day. There was no where else you’d rather be.



Why Me?- Auston Matthews

length: 573 words

warnings: swearing, cheating, auston being an idiot

requested: yes, angst/fluff prompt list #66

When you first saw the picture of Auston kissing another girl while on a road trip you were initially upset but then you were overwhelmed by a sense of relief. Not because you didn’t love him but because you’d rather it happened sooner than later. Later being when you were even more in love with him.

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TRADE ALERT: Colorado Avalanche have traded Ty…

TRADE ALERT: Colorado Avalanche have traded Tyson Barrie, Alexander Kerfoot, & a 6th-round pick in 2020 to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Nazem Kadri, Calle Rosen, & a 3rd-round pick in 2020.

Note: Colorado retains 50% of Barrie’s contract.