2018-19 NHL Point Leaders per Team

2018-19 NHL Point Leaders per Team

Ryan Getzlaf, Clayton Keller, Brad Marchand, Jack Eichel, Johnny Gaudreau, Sebastian Aho, Patrick Kane, Nathan MacKinnon, Artemi Panarin, & Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin – Boston to Dallas




Word count: 1,389

Requested: May you please write an imagine of Segs? Maybe you’re buddies with Julian Edelman and he introduced you guys? Thank you!

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to write this. I’m not a fan of the New England Patriots. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan so it was kinda hard for me to write Julian Edelman because he’s on the Patriots. I have rewritten this so many times. I hope you like it. 

Walking the cold streets of Boston. I hug my jacket tight around my body. I should have worn something warmer but I didn’t have much time to pick something to wear when Julian calls and asked if I wanted to meet him for dinner. It was very last minute like always with him during the offseason. 

Once I walked into the restaurant Julian said he was going to meet me at. I looked around trying to him could find him. I was about to call him when I heard my name being called I looked up and saw Julian stand up waving at me. I smiled and made my way over to him. 

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